Say NO to Christian way

Damaged by Christians

Meditation Hall damaged by Christians

The president and Prime Minister have already said we must have Religious Harmony for Peace and Reconciliation. The Catholics took it and spin it to their advantage. The successful South African Truth and Reconciliation methods are to be implemented in Sri Lanka, needless to say who will receive funds to deliver methods. It worked in South Africa because it is a Christian country. It will not work in Sri Lanka. Why? Reconciliation is one of the most unique function of Catholic Church. The Buddhist and Hindus will not go to church. It’s sad that Missionary School educated Hindu Tamil politicians and top government servants in the North are hindering the Buddhist Hindu harmony in Jaffna. The Pope is making preparations by appointing a new Bishop to Jaffna. The church will receive fund from international = Christian national donors. I was told that already the church is providing for its converts. Please read on our website what the Christian Missionary have done to Hindu Prabaharan and his LTTE. They could have done the same to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa MP and his ministers it is a miracle that it did not happen! So it’s vitally important you show that you expect a clear plan showing how they keep their word. And stop Christians dominating the UN Resolution process.

With your help, we’re calling on Sri Lankan President and Prime Minister to:

¨ Produce a plan stopping Church dominating UN Resolution Process.

¨ Take a lead in encouraging and make sure Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim Community leaders participate in the process.

¨ Make sure the whole process based on Dharma Principles .

There is never a better time to act.

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Say No to Christian Way

Say No to Christian Way

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New Church while Case is on with support from the minister.

New Church while Case on

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